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Basel transportation information. Getting there by train, car, flight.

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By Air
EuroAirport is situated across the border in France and is shared by Basel, Mulhouse in France and Freiburg on the side of Germany, on about nine kilometers northwest of Basel. Most of the major European cities have direct flights into EuroAirport, but the nearest trans-continental airport is this in Zurich, on eighty kilometers from Basel.
By Train
The city of Basel is on the major railway between Paris and Zurich, and it’s the most important rail junction in the Juras. The trip from Paris takes four - five hours, depending on the train and from Zurich it takes about an hour with an express train. Because of its location with two other borders, Basel has 3 railway stations - Swiss, French, and German, which makes it one of the largest rail-junctions in Europe.
By Car
Basel is also a crossroad for major highways from all over Europe. From Bern, take north on N1, and then also continue north on N2 at the junction point. From Zurich, head west also on the N1, continuing north onto N2 at the junction point.
A road links the Switzerland sector of the EuroAirport with the inside of the country and  there is a city bus, running between the EuroAirport and Basel’s main railway station, departing every half hour, which trip takes about fifteen minutes.
Getting Around
The city has a good, convenient and relatively cheap public transportation system. Bus or tram tickets must be purchased at any station in advance, because the conductors do not sell tickets. However, Basel is best covered on foot, as most of its attractions radiate from the historic part of this old city.
Another good option of getting around is to rent a bike at the pavilion next to the information booth at the railway station in the center of the city.

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For flights, trains and car-rental reservations as well as for buses, coaches and taxi ski transfers refer to the general Switzerland Transportation page!

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