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Basel Switzerland

Basel is known to people as the third largest city which is situated in Switzerland. Basel stands alone on the Rhine which is also the rendezvous of borders of French, German and Switzerland. 
Grossbasel is situated just close to Rhine River. Kleinbasel is located on the right embankment of Rhine.  Two sections of Basel are interlinked by bridges like Mittlere Rheinbrücke and ferry. You will have to appreciate architects for establishing strong bridges and skyscrapers in Basel. Historical records show that Basel was formerly known as Basilia way back to A.D. 374. For more than 1000 years, this city was under the supervision of bishops. Therefore, you will get strong religious fragrance while traveling different shrines, churches and spiritual retreats in Basel.

Rhine River

Basel has an eye-catching history and if you do a proper investigation, you will be able to discover many secrets about this highly enriched city in Switzerland.  In the year of 1501, Basel was joined with Switzerland Confederation. This city has prepared the land for nourishing the plants of enlightenment. A number of artists like Picasso visited this city and their contribution to the enrichment of the Swiss art/culture/literature.   In 1516, Erasmus took a great initiative to publish the first book on the New Testament.  Besides, there are other eminent scholars, painters and artists like Holbein the Younger, Theodor Herzl, and Friedrich Nietzsche. The Seated Harlequin and The Two Brothers are some of the excellent creative works of Picasso who gifted these two paintings to art gallery of Basel.
Basel also provided shelter to refugees and infiltrators way back to 1529 when Reformation movement smashed the city of Basel. For this reason, in terms of artistic uniqueness and architectural elegance, Basel has proved its distinction from other cities.  Many flood victims and destitute guys living in Holland and France crossed the border of Basel with the sole purpose of taking shelters during the pressing time.  Basel nestles humanity, philanthropic love and altruism discarding narrow-mindedness and chauvinism/gender bias and racial segregation. You will have to collect more reliable facts and evidences from powerful sources like online database to know more about Basel.


Basel is a modern city with a lots of hotel accommodations. Basel has more than 4000 hotel beds. There are a number of first class hotels that are equipped with luxurious facilities. Most of the hotels are middle class budget hotels. If you are planning to save money on the trip, you can check into the middle class hotels. In addition, there are also small inns and guest houses.
The hotels in Basel are situated in the center of the city. Surrounding the hotels are tourists attractions and museums. The public transportation and shopping centers are located within the walking distance from the hotels. Upon checking in at a hotel, the staff will hand you a Mobility Ticket. The Mobility Ticket allows you to travel around the city of Basel for free of charge if you use the public transportation. The Mobility Ticket is valid for up to 30 days. The guest house is a lodging that is similar to hostel or inn. It is a budget type of hotel like lodging. The standard features of the Basel guest houses include bed, and breakfast. Most of the staffs that work at the guest houses are part time and not full time. The fees you have to pay include deposit fee, room fee, and cleaning fee.

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