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Solothurn tourist information & hotel reservations.


We warmly welcome you to visit Solothurn and wish you a wonderful vacation.

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Solothurn Switzerland

Solothurn’s Old Town is one of the finest and most interesting in Switzerland and its culture is famed far beyond. Some of the highlights are spread over the entire year, including the popular Film and Literature Days and Solothurn’s Classic open-air Concerts. The nature lovers are also attracted by this nice town, especially by the relaxing Jura Mountains with the Weissenstein, the six hundred kilometers of beautiful hiking paths and the River Aar. Even the golf enthusiasts are welcomed by an 18-hole golf course, not far away.


Solothurn Tourist Attractions and Holidays

There are many attractions in the town of Solothurn, which is maybe the most beautiful baroque city in the country, as well as magnificent surrounding areas.
On the summit of Solothurn’s mountain, at 1291 meters elevation, the Kurhaus Weissenstein grand hotel in Jugendstil style will provide you not only with hospitable accommodation, but with a magnificent panorama over the Swiss Mittelland and the Alps in both - summer or winter. The hiking area feature botanical garden, Nidleloch cave, planet walk; also available are activities such as paragliding, hang-gliding, etc.

Aare River Trips

Take a cruise on the River Aare aboard the Siesta and enjoy the picturesque landscape. The bird lovers can go to the popular stork colony with over one hundred birds, or one can visit the town of Bienne on Bienne Lake.

Waldegg Castle (Feldbrunnen - Solothurn)

This fairy-tale castle in Feldbrunnen accommodates not only an attractive museum with interesting aristocratic eighteenth century interiors and picturesque baroque garden, but is also perfect for romantic strolls.
There are also organized tours of the historic town center, which will pass you through very well preserved monuments representing the interesting historical past of Solothurn.
There are also several museums of interest, including the mentioned already Waldegg Castle Museum, but also Fine Arts Museum, Blumenstein Museum and the Old Arsenal Museum.

Solothurn winter

Solothurn Transportation

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