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St Moritz tourist information & hotel reservations.


We warmly welcome you to visit St. Moritz and wish you a wonderful vacation.

St Moritz tourist info St Moritz tourist attractions St Moritz transport info

St Moritz

Saint Moritz is located 80 kilometers away from Davos, 74 kilometers from Chur and 202 kilometers from Zurich. It can be called the most fashionable place in the world as it continues to attract the wealthiest people – from artists to politics and businessmen.
The resort itself is situated on the south part of the Alps in the Upper Engadine, 1 800 meters above the sea level and it was first famous with its mineral springs. They were actually well known to the Celts around 3 000 years ago. The springs were also used by the Romans and are first mentioned in an official document from 1138.
Until 1834 the resort was only a summer place, but then it started attracting winter guests. The first people who skied in the area did it in 1859. Later in 1864 Johannes Badrutt, who owned a pension there, brought the first English tourists in the resort. From then on, its fame grew and it now is a very popular tourist destination.

Saint Moritz winter

The Glacier Express

This is probably the most popular railway lines in the country and it connects the highest peaks on the southeast and southwest parts of the Alps. The train was opened in 1928, but some around this year some of the bridges connecting the mountains had to be dismantled for the winters due to the heavy blizzards and snowdrifts. This led to the detour of the trains through Zurich and northern Switzerland during the winter. In 1982 a huge tunnel was made under the Furka Mountain which enabled the trains to travel without problems throughout the whole year. The Express makes a magnificent tour with 91 tunnels and almost 300 bridges.
You can travel from Zermatt to St. Moritz or make a stop along the way in Chur and then take a different transport to Davos or other resorts even in Austria.

Glacier Express

St Moritz Skiing Holidays

In Moritz-Dorf you can find the oldest ski-school in the world, dating back to 1927. There are 5 ski complexes around Saint Moritz. The closest one to the resort is Corviglia-Piz Nair which offers 1,6 kilometers long runs suitable for experts in skiing. During the winters the ski tracks have always plenty of snow and St. Moritz has a total of 402 kilometers of ski tracks, 161 kilometers of tracks for cross-country skiing and one Olympic ski-jumping hill.
Corvatsch, located at 1 740 meters elevation, is a perfect place for bowl skiing. Corviglia is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers and it the starting point for skiing on Piz Nair. This is the highest mountain used for skiing at 3 251 meters elevation and it also has a 1 424 meters long vertical drop. In Pontresina, which is a resort nearby, you will find the challenging Piz Legalb and Diavolezza, suitable for all difficulty levels. There is also one track on the Morteratsch Glacier.
In the upper Engadine region, part of which is St. Moritz, there are 54 ski lifts, 349 kilometers of ski tracks, good ski schools and around 700 ski instructors. You can call the Engadine Information Center for further information about the prices or the ski lifts.

St Moritz Ski Map

St. Moritz Spas

The part of the resort where you can find the spas is called St. Moritz-Bad. There you can enjoy mud and carbon-dioxide mineral-water baths, physical therapy and even physiotherapy combined with fresh alpine air. One of the most popular places is the Health Spa Center (Heilbad Centrun) Plazza Paracelcus, near the Kempinski Grand Hotel, opened in 1976. The waters in the area have attracted people since Roman times and are still a popular place for relaxation and killing the pain. If you are staying in one of the hotels in the resort, you will be charged less.

Horseback Riding
Reithalle is the only place in Saint Moritz where you can ride a horse, but also a very popular one in eastern Switzerland. It is located only ten minutes away from the centre of the town and has around six well cared for horses. You can ride in the rink if you are beginner or in the nearby meadows and forests. You can ride a horse in the winter which will enable you to see the picturesque landscape around and even walk on the surface of a frozen lake. Beware that the wind might be really cold so be sure to dress warmly.

Engadine Museum
In this place you can follow the history of the resort and the region. In the museum you will learn about the architecture of the houses and their decorations and see some beautiful antiques and furniture from the Engadine region. You will also see the way the wealthy people lived there plus some amazing druidic artifacts from the Bronze Age. They include the encasement of the spring of Mauritius, around 3 000 years old. An interesting fact is that the museum is built on an ex-mystic druidic place.

Segantini Museum
This is the museum in honour of the artist Giovanni Segantini (1858-99), who used to live in the region. There you can see some of his works famous with the termed divisionism technique. Perhaps his most significant painting is called “Birth, Life, Death” and can also be seen there.

St Moritz Transportation

Saint Moritz has railway connections to other places in the country through Chur as well as towns out of Switzerland like Milan and Munich. You can get there from Chur in 2 hours by train. Through St. Moritz also passes the Glacier Express which connects it to Zermatt.

Unlimited travel through Switzerland 

By bus you can reach the resort from Chur, Lugano and Pontresina which all can be reached by bus from Munich
If you use a car from Zurich, you should take N3 to Chur and then Route 3 to St. Moritz.

St Moritz Map Switzerland

Visitor Information
If you have any questions you can visit the tourist office, Kur- und Verkehrsverein, located at Maistra 12. During the tourist seasons it is open Monday to Saturday the whole day and Sunday only in the afternoon. Off-season it is open from Monday to Friday the whole day and Saturday in the morning.

For flights, trains and car-rental reservations as well as for buses, coaches and taxi ski transfers refer to the general Switzerland Transportation page!

Saint Moritz Map