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Saas-Fee tourist information & hotel reservations.


We warmly welcome you to visit Saas Fee and wish you a wonderful vacation.

Saas-Fee tourist info Saas-Fee tourist attractions Saas-Fee transport info

Saas Fee Switzerland

Saas Fee is a high village in the Alps, located at 1 800 – 3 600 meters elevation. You can reach it by bus from Visp and from it you can see some of the most amazing views, including some huge glaciers. The resort has its old-time look with narrow streets and wooden houses decorated with geranium. There are many trails suitable for hiking through hills, lush meadows and high looking spots. If you are not into walking you can take a cable car to some of the surrounding peaks. You can also use the Metro Alpine – the highest underground funicular in the world, from Saas-Fee to some magnificent mountain tops with trails back to the village. In the resort you will also find comfortable hotels, bars and diners, as well as mild, south climate. If you are looking for adventures you can visit the huge ice cave at about 3 300 meters elevation.
In Saas-Fee you can also practice skiing throughout the whole year, but the tracks are mostly for serious skiers. Saas-Fee is located in a valley, close to Zermatt and you can’t use a personal car there, only public transport.
There are thirteen peaks in the area around the resort and they are covered in snow all year round. There are also snow-making machines for the lower slopes. There are many glacier tracks and in Saas-Fee the snow is never poor.

Saas-Fee night

Saas-Fee winter

Saas Fee Skiing Holidays

In Saas-Fee there are approximately 80 kilometers of ski tracks, suitable for all difficulty levels. If you are a beginner, you should start from the town lifts of the resort and used them for about three days. Later you can move to the tracks, reached by the Plattjen lift or the Felskinn.
The first sun-lit area in the morning is the Spielboden/Längfluh which has tracks suitable for intermediate and expert skiers. If you are an intermediate you can ski from Längfluh down to the chair lift. Below the station of the chair lift the terrain is very steep and narrow. From the top of the cable car of Längfluh you can take a drag lift to the glacier – the Feekatz lift. It connects the two major ski areas – Längfluh and Felskinn/Mittelallalin. The latter is probably the most famous area around Saas-Fee and there are two lifts from the resort to the Felskinn station. From there you can use the Metro Alpine in order to reach Mittelallalin. From there you can see a gorgeous view of many high peaks. From the station, beginners and intermediates should go to the left and experts – to the right, or return to the Felskinn area. On the left there is a drag lift, leading to the charming Egginer area.
The ski tracks from the top Felskinn station to the middle one are used by beginners and intermediates. The ones below the middle station to the resort are quite steep and especially the Kanonenrohr and Bach trails are suitable for experts.
The last sun-lit area in the evening is the Plattjen and it is reachable by a gondola for six people. The tracks in this area are usually not very visited and are suitable for every difficulty.
There are also new lifts going to the glaciers which offer skiing even in the summer. On the glacier of Saas-Fee there is also a snowboarding park, open throughout the whole year. It has available pipes, rails, tables and even high jumps.

Saas-Fee ski piste map

Other Tourist Attractions in Saas Fee

Worth mentioning is that the Hanning area is now closed for skiers, but you can practice there tobogganing. You can rent a toboggan from some shops in the resort or from the Hannig cable car station.
If you want to learn more of the way the mountain people used to live in the old times, you can visit the Saaser Museum. There you will see photos of the valley, tools utensils and furniture, used before.
Another interesting place is the Bielen sports and leisure centre. There you will find a swimming pool, a tennis court, billiard, table tennis, fitness, steam bath and a sauna. 

Saas-Fee summer

Saas-Fee Transportation

By train from Zurich you can reach Saas-Fee by passing through Bern, Spiez, the Lötschberg tunnel and Brig. From Geneva you can reach directly Brig. From Brig or Visp you should make a change to the post car, which travels directly to Saas-Fee.

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If you travel from north by car you should go through Bern and the Lötschberg ferry. The trip with the ferry lasts only about 15 minutes. From Goppenstein you should first pass through Visp and then arrive in Saas-Fee. If you travel from east or south you should go through the Furkaand Simpion. If you head to Saas-Fee from the west you should drive to Lausanne, the Rhone valley and Visp.
Don’t forget to park your car in the car lot at the entrance of the town as cars are not allowed inside. You can use transport from the hotel or simply a taxi.

For flights, trains and car-rental reservations as well as for buses, coaches and taxi ski transfers refer to the general Switzerland Transportation page!

Saas-Fee Map