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Interlaken tourist information & hotel reservations.


We warmly welcome you to visit Interlaken and wish you a wonderful vacation.

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Interlaken Lakes

Interlaken is located 54 kilometers south-east of Bern, 130 kilometers south-west of Zurich and it can be called the tourist capital of Oberland. It is connected to the villages and popular places around (such as Jungfrau) with cableways and cog railways. As a result there are many trips and excursions you can take from there.
Interlaken, between the lakes Thun and Brienz is a famous place for over 3 centuries. It was first a summer resort, but now it has turned to a desired place throughout the whole year. It is also a very cheap resort during January and February which makes it even more attractive for skiers. But if you visit it in the middle of the summer, be warned that the prices there will be higher than the other places.
There was built an Augustinian monastery in 1130, which was closed later for the Reformation. There are still some ruins from the monastery. The resort first became popular in 1690, when Margrave Frederic Albert of Brandenburg went around the Jungfrau massif. But only in the 19th century the place’s nice scenery became attractive for British artists and writers. The later improvement of the railroads in the area attracted more tourists and even famous people like Mark Twain, Goethe, Wagner, Mendelssohn and others.
If you are interested in some popular events you can visit the Metamorphosis Festival (June), World Barbecue Gold Cup (June), Wilhelm Tell Open-Air Theatre (June-September) and Harder-Potschete (January) – all of them annual events.