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Grindelwald tourist information & hotel reservations.


We warmly welcome you to visit Grindelwald and wish you a wonderful vacation.

Grindelwald tourist info Grindelwald tourist attractions Grindelwald transport info


Grindelwald is a glacier village, located only 22 kilometers south of Interlaken and 192 kilometers south-west of Zurich. It is situated at 1 033 meters elevation and from it you can see the splendid Wetterhorn and the Eiger glacier. As a resort near a glacier, it offers interesting activities throughout the whole year. Grindelwald is also the only one of the bigger resorts in the Jungfrau region that is reachable by car. This makes it an attractive place and many people go there just for one day.
There are many little folkloric villages around Grindelwald, as well as streams and gorgeous alpine landscapes. The hiking paths and cable-car lines may seem confusing, but you can get maps and explanation from the tourist office.
Grindelwald is perfect not only during the day, but also offers a diverse and lively nightlife. Usually there are weekly parties organized by the sponsors of the hotels, where you can really enjoy yourself.

Eiger glacier

Grindenwald Skiing Holidays

During the winter Grindelwald is one of the most popular ski resorts across Europe; it is also a great base for skiing in the Jungfrau skiing area. The resort facilities feature twenty-two lifts, 8 funiculars, a trio of cable cars, and over one hundred and sixty kilometers downhill pistes. There are perfect skiing conditions for all ages and different difficulty levels, for both skiers and snowboarders. In the winter skiers usually get on the cableway to Männlichen at 2200 meters elevation(Grindelwald-Grund to Männlichen), which opens onto beautiful panoramic views of the treacherous Eiger. From Eiger, there is no direct run back to Wengen, but skiers can enjoy an uninterrupted ski trail a bit longer than seven kilometers to the resort of Grindelwald.

Grindenwald Glacier Tours

Grindelwald Glacier

The famous resort maintains a sheltered observation gallery, close to the base of the Lower Grindelwald Glacier (Untere Gletscher), which offers some great views of the glacier’s ravine. The several hundred meters gallery stretches past the deeply striated rocks, as well as some weird formations of coloured marble worn smooth by the glacier’s erosion. The gallery is easily reached on both foot and by car, and there is round trip bus service from Grindelwald, as well as a parking lot and restaurant.

Hiking & Mountain Climbing around Grindenwald


If visiting Switzerland to see the Alps, Grindelwald and its nearby areas offer numerous picturesque paths and challenging mountain trails, all well marked and maintained. The outdoor adventures in Grindelwald and its surroundings range from tranquil strolls across the gentle incline of an alpine valley to some really dangerous trek with ropes and pitons along the northern part of Mount Eiger. A map showing the all the paths and trails around the resort is available at the Grindelwald tourist office. Some of the most popular side-trips include Faulhorn, First Mountain, Grosse Scheidegg, Grindelwald - Grosse Scheidegg – Schwartzwaldalp, Pfingstegg, Baregg-Stieregg, Banisegg, Milchbach and Kleine Scheidegg.


Jungfrau Top Ski Region Grindenwald

November - April (annual), Grindelwald

The resort of Jungfrau Top offers the largest ski area in Switzerland – 200 kilometers of ski-tracks and around 40 lifts. The place is really popular and has a World Cup downhill and other attractive tracks. The resort does not offer extreme slopes, but is very well cared for and has some ideal views. From it you can see Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau. You can also visit the Eiger glacier – it is yet another place with marvelous landscape and perfect snow conditions.


World Snow Festival, January (annual), Grindelwald
This festival, again hosted in Grindelwald, lasts six days and is a fascinating event. During the festival, artists from all over the world gather in the same place and create some masterpieces from ice. The World Snow Festival takes place in the centre of the resort and you can even talk to the artists. You can see the whole process of the work and sometimes take part in it. At the end of the day, Grindelwald becomes a place out of a fairy tale.

Grindelwald Switzerland

Grindenwald Transportation

You can reach Grindelwald with the Bernese Oberland Railway which leaves from the Interlaken East station and takes you there for 35min. By car from Interlaken you should take the Wilderswil road and just follow the signs.

Unlimited travel through Switzerland 

You should know that there are no street names or numbers in the resort and you can only get oriented from the direction signs available. You should also request for a pass if you are staying at a hotel or a tourist home – it will grant you many discounts

For flights, trains and car-rental reservations as well as for buses, coaches and taxi ski transfers refer to the general Switzerland Transportation page!

Grindelwald Map