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Bern Switzerland

If you are a good navigator, you must invest your precious time to browse sites to collect more reliable data about Bern, you will be glad to be acquainted with the culture, heritage and architecture in Bern. To be frank, Bern is the capital city of Switzerland.  If you like to delve into the 12th century chronicle record on Bern, you will be able to point out many interesting factors in relation to Bern. If you watch the city carefully and attentively, you will have to admit that Bern is the ensemble of medieval architectural beauty and enriched artistic gloss.  You must feel a provincial milieu rather than the presence of sophisticated city life in Bern.
Bern has already been certified by the United Nations as the World Cultural Landmark due to the enhancement of enriched culture, art and architectural charisma.  In this connection, the remarks of Horace Walpole must be remembered with ecstasy as he has appreciated this city for extreme cultural fairness.  It has given birth to numerous artists, architects and intellectuals.  This city has its own glamour. Bern was attached with Swiss Confederation in 1353.  Again in 1848, Zurich was superseded by Bern in the possession of seat to welcome the federal government.
The geographical landmark of this city is excellent.   The sweet and charming Aare River encircles this city in a triangle to produce the natural charismatic effect to attract tourists. Bern is also famous for shopping expedition. Your window shopping can be done on Tuesday and Saturday as sellers prefer to sell their products at discounted rates due to the huge gathering of people on weekends.
November can make you wild in thrills and excitement if you visit Bern during the month of November as Onion Market is hosted on the last Monday of the month of November. Bern city is over flooded in psychedelic light by the evening as vendors and buyers gather to support commercial transaction in the Onion Market. Finally, Bern is also offering a recreational package to visitors. Bernese Oberland is one of the most exciting entertainment centers/hotspots in Bern.  Every year Bern is over crowded by immigrants and international tourists who enjoy lot by participating into cultural and social functions.


Bern is the fourth most populated canton in Switzerland. It has a population of about 130,000 residents. It has a good public transportation system. The public transportations in Bern include trams, trolley buses, buses and train. Each year, millions of tourists from around the world visits Bern. To accommodate the tourists, many hotels were built in Bern.
The shopping centers and tourist attractions can be easily accessed from the hotel. The museums and art galleries in Bern are nearby to the Bern hotels. Most hotels offer limousine and airport transfer services. The porters are available for picking up your luggage.
The hotels can have health and fitness facilities such as swimming pool, and gyms. People who regularly exercise can workout at the gym just like the local gym.
A variety of rooms are offered at the hotels including studio rooms, deluxe rooms, junior suite, executive suite, and standard rooms. Junior rooms are designed for kids that accompanied their parents on the trip. The junior rooms contain a sofa bed and are connected to the room of the parents. Depending on the hotels, you will also be eligible for a free buffet breakfast. Arrivers that check in after the breakfast time can take advantage from the continental breakfast, which is served in the room. Nursery and nanny services are available in a number of hotels.
Zurich spa hotels offer spa facilities such as therapeutic massaging, sauna, body wraps, and body scrubs. Spa hotels usually have a salon where professionals will perform manicure, hair cut , pedicure and etc.

Below you will find some of our recommended hotels in Bern:

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And here you can browse all hotels in Berne that we offer.

Bernese Oberland