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Adelboden tourist information & hotel reservations.


We warmly welcome you to visit Adelboden and wish you a wonderful vacation.

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In the region of Adelboden-Frutigen one can surely spend a magnificent summer, surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery. There are many places you can go to, plus lost of cultural activities. There are more than 300 kilometers of mountain paths, suitable for hiking. There are also some perfects trails for cycling and mountain biking. Some of the marvelous places one can visit include the Engstligen waterfalls (600 meters high), Cholerenschlucht, Pochtenkessel, Adelbodner mineral springs and the water shows in the Wildstrubeldorf. Very popular in the area is Alpine farming and you can also visit the small huts, some of which produce the famous Swiss cheese.

Adelboden hotel

In Adelboden there are also tennis courts and a hot swimming pool with a great view.
In the region of Adelboden-Frutigen you can also spend a perfect winter vacation. You can go skiing in the famous ski area Adelboden-Lenk, visit the Adelboden sun terrace or simply walk along beautiful winter trails. In the area is held the famous all around Switzerland competition FIS Skiing World Cup, combined with an amazing ski festival and an entertainment programme. There are many places of accommodation in the resort area and you can also try cross-country skiing and bobsleighing. There are around 185 kilometers of ski tracks in the area, served by more than 50 transport facilities.
In Adelboden is also carried out the annual Grand Slalom in the beginning of the year with around 20 000 spectators. The best skiers compete on the famous Chuenisbärgli and the event is very popular and challenging for the contestants.

Adelboden lifts

The resort is also very good for the health as it is located at 1 350 meters elevation with a mild climate, fresh mountain air and crystal clear spring waters.
From 4 years in Adelboden you can take part in the Alpine Wellness Days held in August. In this event you can experience many activities typical for the region. Adelboden is an Alpine Wellness resort since 9th July 2005 – the first one is Switzerland. This is a proof that in the resort you will be among high quality and attractiveness. It is a place where one can enjoy both culture and nature at their best.

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Adelboden Transportation

For flights, trains and car-rental reservations as well as for buses, coaches and taxi ski transfers refer to the general Switzerland Transportation page!

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